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The Armory

The Armory

In honor of our 10th Anniversary on October 1, 2013 Scratch Golf is proud to introduce The Armory.

When looking for the best possible scoring tools for your game, there is only one place to turn: Scratch Golf's The Armory. We produce the finest golf clubs made anywhere in the world and each one is made specifically to fit YOUR game.
Housed in a secret location in metro Detroit MI, The Armory houses the most talented group of craftsmen in the game of golf and each one is tasked with making golf clubs specifically for YOU.

- Jeff McCoy is one of the founders of Scratch Golf and is one of the most talented craftsmen in all of golf. His handmade custom wedges literally changed the way wedges were fit, sold and marketed over the last 10 years.

- Don White is a living legend and has been in the golf industry crafting the finest golf clubs his entire career. Clubs that Don has personally made have won 14 major championships and countless PGA Tour and other professional tournaments.

- James Ingles comes from a family with a deep rooted tradition in hand made, high end firearms in London England. He has combined that family tradition with his passion for golf to make the most incredible putters that anyone in the industry has ever seen.

Every single iron and wedge crafted through The Armory is ground completely by hand in the USA from a Japanese forged 1018 carbon steel raw forging. The putters are completely made by hand in London from a raw 1018 carbon steel block.

With our new Artisan line of hand crafted clubs already completed by our master craftsmen and ready to ship to you today, you can now get your clubs from The Armory without a wait.

Hand Cratfed Clubs

For those of you wanting something special and made to your exacting specifications our Hand Crafted Armory custom pieces are available to order now with a 30-40 business day lead time. Please contact Patrick Boyd at patrick@scratchgolf.com for more info.

Scratch Golf's The Armory. Simply the finest hand crafted golf clubs made anywhere in the world.