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Custom Handmade Golf Clubs in Berkley, Michigan

Improve your golf game with the custom handmade golf clubs from Scratch Golf in Berkley, Michigan. Our golf club designers offer handmade clubs and wedges that are created according to your exact recommendations and specifications.

Custom Wedges

Custom fitting became the rage in golf, but nobody was doing anything to fit the proper wedges to the players' swings.

Before we sold a single wedge, a year was spent on R&D testing different wedge grinds with different players' swings to determine exactly what worked and why. Our proprietary grind fitting system assigns you into one of the three swing types that we identified: the Sweeper/Slider, the Driver/Slider, or the Digger/Driver. Our fitting system is rooted in our extensive R&D and supported by real-world player testing.

Club Fitting Services

Better performance is something that every golfer is looking for, and Scratch Golf's custom fitting process is the tool to achieve that performance.

At Scratch Golf, our fitting philosophy starts from the ground up. The way the golf club works through and interacts with the turf ultimately determines the quality of contact with the golf ball. Proper ball contact ensures correct spin, trajectory, and distance control. Better control means better shots, which can lead to lower scores.

Our clubs improve contact with unique and proven sole grinds. Through our online, phone, or outdoor experience fitting processes, Scratch Golf will evaluate a player's swing and place them into one of three swing profiles to find a sole grind that suits their needs.

Contact us in Berkley, Michigan, to order some of our custom golf clubs for yourself.